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  • "I first met Dani about 18 months ago when I was at a very low point in my life. I was fed up with being sad all the time and feeling that I was showing a happy exterior to other people that I did not feel inside. Dani made me realise things I didn't know about myself, to remember and accept issues from the past, to come to terms with losses I have experienced and deal with family relationships. She has been my rock through the whole process and has helped me find myself again. I see Dani regularly for, in essence, a general chat to get things off my chest and to tackle any negative thoughts before they spiral out of control in my mind. She helps me through situations I would not be able to cope with alone and I thoroughly recommend her to anyone."


  • "Three months after the death of my wife I was experiencing emotions that left me with no hope, I was in a very dark place. My family and friends were providing me with incredible support and were encouraging me to move forward, but I felt almost paralysed by grief and could not accept my wife had died; I did not want to move forward with a new life.

Dani's approach was to explore my dark emotions by encouraging me to talk about my wife, how we met, how we lived, my feelings during the last days of her life, immediately after her death and my fears for the future without her. Dani was very positive, realistic and practical, but at the same time very casual and easy going, always cheerful. I found it very easy to be open and honest about my feelings and fears. She gave me various mechanisms to use when the dark moments overcame me, mechanisms I still use. Dani assured me that it was OK to take time out to grieve, there is no time scale to grieving and there is no cure, but when the time is right I would move forward at my own pace. She explained the stages of grief, she frequently told me, to be kind to myself, to ease the natural feelings of guilt and fear of the future.
Sixteen months after the death of my wife I am very slowly building a new life and I look back at the counselling with Dani as the moment I started to look forward, but as Dani explained, everyone is different and for me it is a slow process with challenges every day and although I will always love my wife, I do believe a new life is possible."


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